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Core Values
of BTT

In our work at BTT, we are guided by four core values, which are central to everything we do.

  1. BTT Kernwaarde KwaliteitQUALITY
    We deliver top quality in the solutions we provide to our customers, with the aim of Operational Excellence. We also want to be a high-quality partner for clients, suppliers and other relations. And a good employer for our employees.
  2. BTT Kernwaarde VeiligheidSAFETY
    We create a safe working environment for our employees and suppliers. We organize fixed 'toolbox moments' at the terminals and in the warehouses for our drivers and train drivers. And we guarantee a safe (temporary) storage place for our customers' goods.
  3. BTT Kernwaarde DuurzaamheidSUSTAINABILITY
    Where possible, we prefer transport by water and rail to road transport. We are doing everything we can to increase the occupancy rate on ships and trains. We invest in sustainable resources and offer new alternatives for multimodal transport.
  4. BTT Kernwaarde FlexibiliteitFLEXIBILITY
    Our flexibility enables us to serve our customers even better. We can switch quickly and adapt easily to changing circumstances. We offer multiple services and are not dependent on a single service. Entrepreneurship is our top priority. We think in terms of opportunities and solutions.